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Hey, you can call me Scarlett. I love Klaine and Bemmett. I am an avid fanfiction reader, and sometimes writer.
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I’ve never been comfortable around hearing people. I haven’t been around them much. But with you, it was different. From the beginning, you weren’t hearing … or deaf … you were just Bay. The truth is, it would be easier if I could just go find a deaf Bay. But I don’t want a deaf Bay.

I. Just. Want. You.

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Headway (Klaine) R 1/?


“The accident took a lot of things from Blaine, but it never touched his ability to love.”

Snapshots of Kurt and Blaine’s life together, unconditionally loving each other despite dealing with lifelong consequences of a traumatic brain injury.

Also on AO3

Since he met Blaine, Kurt has spent a lot of time googling things. He’s always been curious, and the internet is a wealth of knowledge. Kurt wanted to know more about how to be the best boyfriend he could be to Blaine, knowing that their relationship was anything but conventional. Hell, even his dad had been against it at first. A young man’s first relationship should not be burdened with problems, he’d said. But Kurt didn’t listen, and he’d been blissfully enjoying being in love with his best friend for over two years now.

Tonight, Kurt was sitting in the makeshift eat-in kitchen of his brand new shiny New York City loft, listening to the arguing of his two reluctant roommates, Rachel and Santana. His laptop was open in front of him as he waited for the browser to load. He sighed, his heart thudding heavily in his chest at the thought of what tomorrow would bring. Then he lifted his head from where it was propped in his palm and began to type into the search box.

how to live with someone that has brain damage

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Pumpin Blood (Stripped Down)

Despite being almost inaudible on the regular version, Chris and Darren do sing second voice to Lea throughout the song.

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I wanted to be your gay bar superstar.

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The New York Times Review of Funny Girl  

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oh but kevin’s perfect record. RIP.

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